How Blogging Gets You Customers When You Combine It With Facebook!

How Blogging Gets You Customers When You Combine It With Facebook!

You see blogs all over the place and you start to wonder why. Well blogging generates leads and sales for your business in a unique way you probably never realized.

What is blogging? Well it is like updating people on what is going on. So say you have visitors who want to know what is going on with the stock market, you can let them know daily, weekly, or monthly.

It’s like an email newsletter but instead of only getting traffic from the email subscribers you get traffic from the people who search on line for your topic also. It’s the best of both worlds; repeat viewers and attracting new ones. Emails aren’t always opened anyway.

Now why does blogging get you customers when combined with Facebook? Well on Facebook you can connect with your existing circle. If you want new customers and viewers from Facebook you will need to pay for it. But both of them combined together will bring you sales.

Facebook can get you some buzz by your fans or friends, but some businesses simply won’t get a lot of authentic buzz naturally unless you combine Facebook with blogging and share your content on a daily basis.

Facebook, currently the most viewed website, boasting a whopping 600 million unique visitors and approximately 680 billion, yes billion, page views is not only being used as a social network but now companies are setting up accounts, building profiles and getting connected to the masses of people already joined.

So what does all this mean and how are these social networks really helping companies get ranked and make it to the front page on major search engines. Simple, it’s all about the traffic. If you are providing people with information that they need or are interested in, they will keep coming back for more. Not only that, but we have heard of the saying “everybody knows somebody” and usually they are interested in the same thing, so the word-of- mouth effect happens and website traffic grows.

A website is good for a few things. If your website doesn’t have much content then you won’t get a lot of free traffic. If it does, then it serves a similar service as a blog but blogging brings in more repeat visitors as a website brings in searchers only unless they somehow remember the website or need to keep coming back to it for something.

So a blog isn’t for every business. A website can also be a blog too so you don’t necessarily need a blog if your website serves both purposes.

If you aren’t big on using WordPress then there are free blogging platforms you can use such as Squidoo and Blogspot. These blogs are part of a blogging community so they tend to rank better on the search engines. Bigger websites tend to dominate the search engines.

This is why your website when being used as a blog combined with Facebook is a great idea. If you want free traffic and you want it quickly I recommend building a Facebook Fan Page and attaching your blog.

Facebook communities are a great place to get your blog seen and shared; people interact and discuss what you’ve written. The free blogging communities use your hard work to generate traffic and sales. So if you want to avoid this, you may want to join a blogging community that is established and you can take off the advertising bars. People thrive on interaction. Blogging has become so big lately that, top blogging software, ranks number 15 on the most viewed websites, currently tallying 96 million unique visitors.

Combining your blog and business with Facebook brings more sales and traffic!